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You Cannot Change Him, So Choose Wisely!

Posted on February 5, 2022 by Albert Goldberg

For the most part, women are made to nurture, support, and direct others. In my view, these things come natural for us since we were created to be the principal caretaker of children. However, the term of those natural gifts can sometimes be distorted by fear. Stress can turn foster and supportive guidance into the need to control others.

When a woman is in a connection the need to restrain usually translates into insisting that her spouse change. She needs him to change, so that she does not need to fear. A woman may fear a man leaving her. She may fear that others will not think highly of him (and she seems absurd for loving him). She may fear that the man can't love her enough or correctly. No matter the fear, the woman's response can sometimes be to make him change.

Some people believe we will need to prove to others that our love is much more superior than any other love he has received since"he changed for me." A number people need to prove we are cuter than any other girl before us since"he changed for me." A number people can't accept that we picked the wrong man, so he"should change ." Listen. A guy can only change for himself, and when he does, it won't be easy or quick.

If he misuses money, he might never be great with a checkbook. If he has an addictive personality, he'll most likely always be addicted to something. If he's been unfaithful to you previously, he'll likely always have a roving eye.

All people have some unwanted traits, so does this mean you shouldn't choose anyone? No, what it means is that you should to be completely conscious of what you can tolerate and what you absolutely can't!

My advice is to choose your partner wisely. Choose someone you can trust. Pick someone who can really provide what you need and want. Don't settle for someone believing he will change because he loves you.

A woman should pick a man she believes to be her prince charming with all of his defects. It's fruitless to decide on a frog and believe he is going to be converted into prince charming, this only occurs in fairytales.