May 28, 2019

Top Male Turn Ons

It’s an undeniable truth that a man is helpless to the charms of a gorgeous woman. All men, however, have a different definition of beauty. Irrespective of how a man defines what he finds attractive in a woman, there are lots of typical male turn ons that all men would agree to. The following is a list of the top ten male turn ons:

Girls who leave something to the imagination
As incredible as it sounds, men often prefer to be teased with a tiny taste of what’s to come. This would have a girl who dresses to reveal a little skin, but not too much. By way of example, a female who gives the small glimpse of a thong or a bra strap is frequently more enchanting than a person who is scantily clad. Women who maintain a certain amount of course are always more appealing to men than women who openly share all their secrets!

She isn’t afraid to admit that she enjoys sex
There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the act of sex, and there are fewer things more attractive to a man than a woman who will admit this! Many men have a significant obsession with sex, so a sexually confident woman with a healthy sex drive is a major turn on for them.

She’s a strong sense of self-esteem
It is stated that the dream of most men would be to get a woman in his beck and call; au contraire, many guys are seeking a woman who can think for herself. Men are turned on by a lady who believes in herself and has the assurance to speak her mind. Men tire easily of girls who constantly have to be reassured. A girl with self-esteem is harder and keeps guys on their toes!

She knows how to talk dirty
It might sound cliché, but guys love it when a woman talks dirty! For guys, hearing a woman clarify what she wants sexually is a turn on. Girls who effortlessly speak dirty are exciting and hold the promise of sex.

She enjoys her body
Men love to look at women’s bodies. It’s no secret that men love a wonderful pair of breasts or a beautiful backside. Moreover, men love a girl who enjoys what she has and isn’t shy to show it. It’s tough to be turned on by a lady who’s ashamed of her body, but a woman who embraces her traits will always win the interest of eager men!

She has an accent
You have probably heard this one before and you might find it difficult to believe, but true enough, an accent is a man turn on. Irrespective of whether she’s from Scotland or Spain, her accent is going to be perceived as exotic into a guy. It’s particularly sexy when she’s describing what she loves to perform in bed!

She has a wicked sense of humor
A woman who is funny is extremely attractive and approachable. Men are turned on by a witty girl; one who can dish it out and she can take it! A sense of humor adds playfulness into the connection and always keeps them coming back for more!

She’s adventurous
Women that would like to try new things and live on the wild side will always win the attention of a guy. Showing a free-spirited character is sexy and a challenge for any guy!

She’s independent
Men don’t like to believe that each and every woman is looking for a lifetime commitment. Men are turned on by girls who can have casual relationships, without attachment. An independent woman is self explanatory and free to have fun!

She seems like a centerfold
We can all fantasize, can’t we? Men know that nearly all girls don’t look like Pamela Anderson, but it doesn’t prevent them from wishing they could hook up with one who does.

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