February 16, 2021

To Bed or Not To Bed

You like one another. In fact it is possible to say that you will be getting closer with each passing day. There is nothing to stand between you, except a concern with intimacy, concern about STD’s, a spouse, kids within the next room, and a bunch of so a great many other things that block the way. You feel that it is now or never. “Now” feeling too threatening and “never” feeling like forever. It is now time that the line you’ve used the sand becomes a blur since it blends in with all of those other beach. Can you dare to step over the line?

We all played the overall game. As adolescents we played intimacy baseball. Just how many bases did you can? What would happen in the event that you hit a homerun? It had been hit or miss then. It had been easier and expected. Adolescents play with intimacy. Adults become intimate.

The stranger who is becoming your friend really wants to take one to another level. It forces one to take responsibility to be in the partnership. Within an adolescent way it is possible to play with the intimacy. Touch it, feel it, savor it. Or it is possible to allow yourself the entire abandon of intimacy and go on it to another level, trusting, guiding, allowing this other person into your daily life space.

The lesson of intimacy is really a life lesson. There’s more to intimacy than meets the attention. Trust, mutual respect, communication, and empathy all play a significant role in growing in a relationship. Such as a flower, it requires a lot more than rain. It requires sunlight and water and loving encouragement to cultivate. For the reason that regard, folks are like flowers. Intimacy grows from within and shared intimacy is what flourishes.

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