March 13, 2021

The Dating Ritual

Dating is really a complicated affair. It involves the original contact, the learning you, the initial meeting, the next and subsequent dates, the initial kiss, the initial moment of true intimacy, sharing hopes and dreams, introducing family and friends, daily contact, blah, blah, blah. It’s such as a never-ending story, yet a tale that many folks strive to turn into a character in.

This never-ending story is all section of a ritual that humans proceed through. The ritual personifies what it really is to be human. Needless to say, the ritual exists so the people will multiply forever. A fairly important point, in the event that you ask me.

One of the very most important rituals that people humans do is named “dating.” Ahh, to be young again. In order to choose and proceed through dates like these were calendar pages to be tossed away with each passing day. Remember just how much fun that has been?

Dating may be the cause and effect, the best “personally”, where you must show up on your own best behavior, breath fresh, clothes clean, looking good. You worry before, during, and after. The dates build up. They multiply. One after another, until 1 day, the date sticks. Sticking is what we have been searching for. Sticking is once the date becomes a relationship. So how exactly does an initial date morph right into a relationship?

It does take time, although we wish to trust that it might happen earlier than later. The morph is that fluid motion that exists between you as well as your partner. The hit and miss. The touch and go. The dance. Once the dance ends the music truly begins. Love is funny this way. Once you least expect it, the initial date results in a relationship, the partnership to dedication and the commitment to forever. Like I said, dating is really a complicated affair, but an affair that takes care of ultimately.

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