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Older Women, Younger Men: What Makes it Work?

Posted on April 4, 2023 by Albert Goldberg

Did you ever wonder why younger men are drawn to older women? Perhaps you have pointed out that more of the relationships are on the market? What is the product quality that attracts them to one another, and perhaps, makes them stick?

The older woman, younger man couple depends on this same dynamic: attitude. For those who have a great lifestyle, it is possible to transform your reality, and the truth of these around you.

People with enthusiasm are drawn to each other, regardless of what how old they are differences.

  • Attitude starts with the way the individual sees the planet. This perspective is exclusive in their mind and is dependant on their interpretation of these experiences, gender, culture, and category of origin, amongst others.
  • This attitude results in what they try reflect their viewpoint and their beliefs.
  • Those actions result in the results they are able to achieve, and the ones results reaffirm their attitude about life.
  • Successful older women/younger men combinations wouldn't normally endure unless both had an attitude that embraced the next qualities:

  • They are both not stuck in a pre-determined role model. They don't really care which cooks, drives, mows the grass, or makes probably the most money.
  • They both are allowing of every others differences. Not just that, they're tolerant of the differences of others around them. Age, history, profession, and also culture are the different parts of interest instead of stumbling blocks.
  • They both have a youthful energy for whatever they elect to try.
  • Lastly, this combo works if you find a shared attitude around communication--verbally, sexually, and spiritually. When this kind of communication exists, age differences are less important.
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