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Flirting Tips For Work and Play

Posted on October 9, 2021 by Albert Goldberg

The ability of flirting goes beyond attracting the opposite sex. Master the art of flirting and you also become a friend magnet and can use your skills to influence business relationships.

If flirting does not come naturally to you, you can learn how to flirt by building your confidence, believing in yourself and interacting with different folks.

Below are some basic flirting tips that could be practised on the job or on a social landscape.

* Have Fun! . First and foremost flirting is fun! Whether you're the flirter or the flirtee it creates both parties smile (on the interior in addition to the outside!) . Do not take it seriously; be playful, be light-hearted, be infectious!

* Ooze Confidence. The top flirts have a positive outlook on life and are delighted with themselves. To successfully flirt you will need to feel good about yourself until you have the ability to transmit this"feel good" factor to the opposite sex. If you exhibit a positive and optimistic attitude to life you'll end up connecting with people that are ideal for you.

Make the first move Do not wait for someone to approach you. When it's someone at work you have got your eye on, wait for them to go to the kitchen and then make a beeline for the coffee machine. The same is true in a pub, wait for them to go to the pub and then squeeze in next to them. Begin with a simple"Hello" and take things from there. What have you got to lose?

* Pay a compliment and get a smile! . A genuine compliment costs nothing and yet can make somebody feel so special. If a person looks great, tell them! If a person has attained something to be proud of, tell them! As soon as you start making somebody feel good about themselves, they're more inclined to want to spend more time with you! And if someone pays you a compliment, be proud of the compliment and say "Thank you"!

* Eye to Eye Contact Eye. Contact is one of the strongest communicating mechanisms. Most individuals don't have a problem making eye contact with a person they do not find appealing but they become awkward in front of people they're attracted to. If you tend to appear off at people you like, practice making eye contact with people on your way to work, a quick glance and then turn off. This is a fantastic way to develop your confidence. Don't stare, but this can make people feel uneasy!

* Pitch your own voice. Learn how to change the tone, pitch and speed of your voice. A voice full of tones sounds a lot more interesting than a dull note!

* Listen. A fantastic flirt has the capacity to get people to open up and talk about themselves. Pay attention when someone is speaking to you and ask questions to show you're interested. The best questions are those that will result in someone recalling a positive experience about themselves.

* Move your body! . There are lots of positive body language signs: lingering eye contact, smiling broadly, touching someone, head leaning to one side, running fingers through hair, undivided attention but in case you really need to go and flirt openly - dancing! Dancing is a good form of self-expression enabling you to interact with somebody and connect.

* Smile, Smile, Smile! . Make your smile contagious! The more you smile the more folks will want to understand you and be about you!

*. Do not be rude! Flirting doesn't entail being sexually explicit! Nor does it involve being offensive if someone rejects your progress. In case you've been flirting with someone and aren't receiving positive feedback do not get disheartened or take it , move on to another person! You might want to look at a different approach if you're getting plenty of rejections.

Send an email Emails are a terrific way to communicate with somebody if you are too shy to approach them face to face. Whether it's someone you're considering at work or you would like to try online dating, emails and instant messaging let you flirt without blushing or becoming tongue-tied. Take care not to become intimate online too fast though; it's easy to paint a rosy picture of the person behind the screen but till you've met them you do not really know them. My message here is get to know someone online before arranging a date, but do not fall in love before meeting them! The reality could burst the bubble.