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First Date Success - It's All In The Preparation

Posted on February 13, 2023 by Albert Goldberg

Dating could be stressful but first dates could be particularly painful and nerve wrecking. Follow my simple ideas to planning for a romantic date and before very long you will be breezing through first dates with you're only concern being what things to wear on your own second date.

Don't stress!

First of most, do not stress yourself out. Tell yourself, it's just a date and when it doesn't workout, just what exactly?

Easy on the marriage plans

You may laugh but don't start planning your wedding! We've all been there; dreaming that may be the one, that you will fall in love following a whirlwind romance and obtain married... and all before you've ordered your starter! Obviously, it's good to maintain positivity but simply take each day since it comes in the first stages otherwise you will be at risk of disappointment.

Listen to music

Listen for some music whilst you are getting ready; whatever gets you in the mood for a particular date and relaxes you.

Soak in a bath

If you have time, have a long soak in the bath with a little glass of wine to relax you. I emphasise the term "small"; you do not want to arrive drunk or smelling of alcohol.

Subtle make-up

Girls, make an effort to keep your make-up subtle. Nearly all men can't stand to see make-up caked on and when you do eventually snuggle around your date, he will not be too impressed in the event that you leave make-up on his collar. As a simple rule, if you are choosing smoky eyes, keep your lips natural with a lick of gloss and when you're deciding on the red Monroe pout then keep your eyes natural.

Hair to go

You don't want a higher maintenance hairstyle which has you running to the bathroom . every 2 minutes to check on it's set up so adhere to everything you know fits you and everything you feel safe with. Also, easy on the hair products if the date decides to perform his fingers during your hair and gets them stuck!

What to wear?

Don't wear anything too revealing on an initial date since it could hand out the incorrect impression. Remember it is possible to still look sexy without revealing all of your goods; less is more!

Decide what you are going to wear beforehand so you are not in a final minute panic with a bedroom floor covered in reject outfits. The crucial thing is to feel safe in what you're wearing which means you look relaxed; fidgeting with straps and pulling down your hemline every short while doesn't look good.

Your selection of outfit will obviously be determined by what your location is going; whether it's fancy restaurant then you can certainly glam it up but whether it's a lunchtime date or the cinema then dress it down accordingly.

Killer heels or comfy flats?

As for shoes, heels look great but only when it is possible to walk inside them so only wear shoes you are comfortable in. Also, don't wear new shoes in the event you get blisters on the night time. Again, the selection of shoes depends on what your location is going so dress for the venue.

Fresh breath

Don't forget to completely clean your teeth and rinse with a mouthwash. It could sound obvious but a lot of people forget. Also, keep a packet of mints or nicotine gum in your bag in the event you need to renew later.

Aroma, aroma!

Once you're ready, do not forget to squirt a little bit of your favourite perfume behind the ears and on your own wrist (they are the strongest pulse points). Don't overload, the key would be to have an aroma about you, never to overpower him together with your scent.

Arrange transport

Book a taxi or request someone to offer you a lift and that means you reach your meeting invest the required time. I wouldn't advise accepting any offer to choose you up or take you home until you need to know him.

Keep the conversation flowing

Give some considered to what you are going to discuss. Obviously, you can't plan it word after word but consider things you intend to learn about him and questions you can ask to help keep the conversation flowing. Once you learn an excellent joke, it certainly is good to throw that in at some time at night to lighten the mood.

A kiss goodnight - forget about!

Don't feel pressured into heading back to his place or inviting him into yours and certainly don't feel pressured into sex! I think you need to end the evening with a goodnight kiss which means you both leave one another wanting a lot more importantly wanting to arrange that second date. If you cannot trust you to ultimately resist his charm go unshaven in the nether regions in order that way you will not be tempted to go any more when compared to a kiss!

Watch your drink

Don't drink excessively! You can drink faster and much more than you'll normally due to your nerves but try to pace yourself and when you do feel yourself getting ultimately more than tipsy, drink some water.

Also, unless you know your date well take your drink with you when you attend the toilets; with so many drinks being spiked in bars nowadays it's easier to be safe than sorry.

Tell a friend

Tell a pal or relative where you're going and who with and tell them when you've arrived home safe.

Have fun

Finally, do not forget to enjoy yourself and also have fun!.