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Dating Strategies and Tactics

Posted on July 6, 2022 by Albert Goldberg

Here are a few suggestions to enhance your success.

1. You need to go after the one you need and then win them over. Be a buddy - show attention, understanding, acceptance, and appreciation.

2. Satisfy emotional needs- show curiosity and listen to them. Spark a romantic emotion. Romance is a blend of hope with some uncertainty and it adds up to fire. People want what they can not have.

3. The next element of love is respect. It's earned through your activities. You have to demonstrate an independent and confident character. You can live with them or without them. You're in no hurry and are not desperate.

4. You must date several people at once. It will make you seem like a terrific catch. When you have multiple choices, anyone who wishes to be with you may work much harder. Rather than you doing the pursuing, they'll be chasing you. This takes the pressure off of yourself. You really need to date a few individuals anyway before leaping from a long term relationship to another.

Dating Strategies to Bear in Mind:

You have to be pleased with yourself before you'll have success. Be kind to yourself and switch off the negative thoughts. You can change what you can and forget the rest. Do not worry about things you can not change. If you can not change them, all of the stress in the world wont do any good.

Set some goals and write them down. You have to make a plan with a transparent path you wish to follow.

You have to set aside a night each week to escape the house. Go where others collect. Check the newspaper for ideas and get out there. How many people have you met at your house? Force yourself to go outside anyway. It's just 1 night a week, you may still sit on the sofa the other six nights. You aren't likely to discover new people if you don't actually go out.

There are single and available people around the place. Virtually every place you go, has unmarried people if you LOOK. Start simple do not go after the hottest person(too much pressure).

Speak with the average person, get a phone number and proceed. It is really a simple two step procedure. Meet and greet, a brief conversation with eye contact and say Good meeting you, but I've to run; can I get your number? The Key is to RELAX. The more you do this the easier it gets.

Take the initiative and be the first to show interest in them. It shows confidence. You're simply trying to get that first date. Don't begin fretting about your wedding and future kids just yet. Keep it simple. However, you have to do it yourself, nobody will do it for you. Don't let a chance pass by, get that phone number and go from there.

Rejection is part of the dating game. Do not take it personal, not everybody will want to date you. They might not be dating at all right now. You will never know unless you ask. Do not be afraid of looking foolish, all of us look foolish all the time. Use positive responses in the face of rejection. You are not worried if they say no. You asked and that's the main thing.

One more no way you did not waste your time and money on somebody who isn't even curious. Plus you're simply closer to finding the person who is interested. It's all practice and will make you a master at relationship that much faster.