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April 8, 2020

Is Chivalry Dead – Should It Be?

Is it really required to open all doors, cover every bill and toss coats into puddles? I don’t, though chivalry does comes in handy during the initial stages of dating. Chivalry is a excellent way to convince your beautiful lady that you mean business. What girl doesn’t need a man…

March 15, 2020

Dating Strategies and Tactics

Here are a few suggestions to enhance your success. 1. You need to go after the one you need and then win them over. Be a buddy – show attention, understanding, acceptance, and appreciation. 2. Satisfy emotional needs- show curiosity and listen to them. Spark a romantic emotion. Romance is…

November 22, 2019

Know What You Are Looking For

Sometimes if we are seeking prospective dating partners we might not know precisely what we need, and therefore we don’t always choose wisely. Being aware of what you’re seeking is a excellent way to know you’re going to be pleased with your choices. So often we might make close, but…